Our Mission.

The values at the core of AttAIn.

Our Team


Odhran O'Donoghue

Cheif Operating Officer

Odhran is a UK National Health Service Clinical Entrepreneur and a PhD researcher in Health Data Science at Oxford University.


Ralph Abboud

Cheif Technology Officer

Ralph is a DeepMind Computer Science Scholar and a PhD researcher in Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University.


Rabii Malik

Cheif Financial Officer

Rabii is a Moritz-Heyman scholar and Future Global Leaders fellow. He studies Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University.


Gagan Khurana

Cheif Marketing Officer

Gagan is the student president of St Anne's College and studies Physics at Oxford University.


Soroush Kashani

Website Development Lead

Soroush is an Electrical Engineering undergraduate at Oxford University, currently researching Organic Semiconductor Optical Devices.


Freddie Wolff

Content Production Lead

Freddie is the co-founder of KLAXON Productions and studies Francophone literature at the University of Oxford.